The challenge for companies in growing or re-structuring themselves is shown by the arduous process they undergo; such as diagnostic, relationship with investors and development of business plan. The high demands required to apply for good projects of financing drive away companies from those effective sources of financing.

At ENTANGLEMENTAL, we take care of the setup, applications and follow up of all financing operations. We link our clients with investors to develop the most suitable financing strategy for every need: a) Private equity: setting up a capital fund in exchange for shares. b) Venture capital: providing temporary financing of third parties to the equity of the company. c) Rent Bank: obtaining liquidity with the assets as guarantee. d) Bank Credit: financing investment project or restructuring of debt asking the current bank of the client for a better time frame improving debt profile with international tools of guarantee. e) Debt issuance under the format of co-investment, joint venture, debt financing or mezzanine debt.

We know how to link Latin America companies with suitable financing sources. We helped them to speak the language of investors, making possible and transparent the intent strategy of the parties. We help generate right expectations, better practices in order to obtain ethically and competitively the investment capital.