The Public and Governmental affairs’ agenda shown by “ENTANGLEMENTAL” is oriented in helping our clients to be active participants in a constructive and social dialogue at the local and international level. We work in bringing the important topics so that our clients increase in prestige and leadership; positioning them as the main character to be reference in their ecosystem.

The successful strategy of our businesses requires that companies and organizations understand their own characteristics. It requires to understand not only their economic and competitive environment but also their social and political environment so that they have the capacity to anticipate risks and take advantage of opportunities generated from high uncertainties proper of the current environment.

We build relations based on the trust created by our long-standing trajectory. We help our clients to navigate their institutional relations by being part in a constructive manner in the discussions about politics and alliances between the public and private sectors.

A well focused agenda of Public and Governmental affairs gives the possibility of change to corporations from a dynamic of adaptive changes in interaction with governments to one of proactive and straightforward.

At ENTANGLEMENTAL, we understand Governments, their structures and administration from where political parties can influence in creating and changing policies. We understand advocacy sectorial and we work ethically to achieve the best results.